Monsters are the dominant group of beings in the world of Monster Roller. Some monsters can be friendly, but other monsters are wild. Most of them can talk to humans, while others speak only their language. They each have unique skills and abilities to protect them in the wild. As they grow, monsters may also evolve.

Monsters may agree to form partnerships with humans in the interests of protecting the peace -- such monsters are part of the Roller organization that seeks to rebuild the world. Monsters also have longstanding feuds with other monster species, like the battles between Ottileries and Mortoxes.

Types Edit

Each monster has an element type and a role. Types determine strengths and weaknesses, while roles determine the kind of abilities they have.

Blue-Type Edit

Strong against red-types, weak against green-types. Most blue-types correspond to water monsters.

Red-Type Edit

Strong against green-types, weak against water-types. Most red-types live in volcanoes or tropical zones.

Green-Type Edit

Strong against blue-types, weak against red-types. Green-types inhabit the plains and forests.

Roles Edit